January 2017

5 Secrets Auto Claims Adjusters Don't Want You to Know

January 27, 2017 - 16:06
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1. The Faster You Act the Better it will be for You

When an accident happens, or when something happens that causes damages to property that you have insurance on, it is important that you file a claim with your insurance company as quickly as possible. The details of the accident and the proof of what happened in the accident will be fresh in your mind right after it happens, and the longer you wait, the less evidence you will have to support your claim.

Motorcycle Accident Not Wearing a Helmet

January 10, 2017 - 10:28
Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

The same law also applies for non-motorized vehicles like a bicycle. For a list of state-by-state helmet laws see this post from Consumer Reports. For California specifc laws and codes check the Bikers Rights site.

If you were not wearing a helmet in an accident - you cold risk not getting medical treatment or compensation.

Child Pornography Case of the United States of America vs. Mark Albert Rettenmaier

January 09, 2017 - 17:32
United States of America vs. Mark Albert Rettenmaier

Mark A. Rettenmaier is a surgeon and a physician in Orange County and did not realize that in 2011 when his computer was not able to boot that he would endup loosing his freedom.

Mar took his computer to Geek Squad for a repair. The tech servicing the doctors computer found an image of a nude, prepubescent female on her hands and knees on a bed.

The technician then contacted FBI as the image met the definition of child pornography known as "Jenny" shots. The hard drive was seized and child pornography charges were filed.