5 Secrets Auto Claims Adjusters Don't Want You to Know

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5 Secrets Auto Claims Adjusters Don't Want You to Know

January 27, 2017 - 16:06
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We all know that driving in California requires a valid driver license and auto insurance. It’s the law in California. What most people do not realize is that the insurance companies are a for profit businesses and they do not always treat their customers fairly.

Believing that you can handle an insurance claim without a lawyer is exactly what the insurance industry want you to believe.

1. The Faster You Act the Better it will be for You

When an accident happens, or when something happens that causes damages to property that you have insurance on, it is important that you file a claim with your insurance company as quickly as possible. The details of the accident and the proof of what happened in the accident will be fresh in your mind right after it happens, and the longer you wait, the less evidence you will have to support your claim.

Call your insurance agent as soon as an accident occurs. Be sure that you document everything that you see and hear. Take pictures of the damages, and write down the names and numbers of anyone that witnessed the accident.

You want to give a copy of this documentation to your insurance claims adjuster, and you want to keep a copy of these documents for your own personal use. Reporting the accident, and gathering documentation to prove what happened is your responsibility.

Do not wait to make these claims or witnesses might forget an important detail, or the damaged property might otherwise be compromised so it will not support your claim.

2. The Insurance Adjuster Works for the Insurance Company: Not for You

The adjuster from the insurance company will be friendly when they speak with you. They will act like they are your best friend and like they have only your best interest at heart. The truth is that an insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and they have only the best interest of the insurance company at heart.

texting while driving accidents There is much debate on the Internet on Is Texting while Driving as bad as Drunk Driving?

The insurance company provides coverage to people on their personal property, their life, or their businesses. When something happens that should be covered by the insurance company the money they pay put to the claimant reduces the amount of profit the company makes that year.

For this reason the insurance adjuster will do everything within their power to pay out each claim with the lowest value that they can possibly pay.

The lower the pay outs to claimants are; the higher the company profits are for the year, and higher profits make the company CEO happy.

3. Insurance Companies May Use a Computer Program to Determine your Case

The majority of people believe that the insurance company takes an individual approach to assessing damages, and to figuring out how much they should pay to each claimant. The truth is that the insurance company usually has a computer program they use to figure out the amount of damage that was incurred, and how much money the claimant is entitled to.

These large insurance companies rarely consider the individual aspects of a claim, and that results in lower payouts to their customers.

4. Most People Never Question the Insurance Company Decisions

More than seventy five percent of the people who have to file an insurance claim will accept the monetary amount offered by the insurance company without ever questioning whether that amount was fair to their case or not.

In most cases it does not cost anything for you to consult with an attorney to see if the amount you have been offered is fair.

5. People who Consult with Attorneys Receive Higher Payouts on their Insurance Claims

The people who consult with an attorney get higher payouts than the people who do not because the attorney knows the fair value of the property being claimed in the suit, and they know what damages the claimant may be eligible for compensation for.

Many people do not know that they can be eligible for pain and suffering costs, rental car costs, loss time at work, disruption of work and social life, and many other things that are a direct result of an accident.