Accident Dangers of Overloaded & Improperly Loaded Trucks

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Accident Dangers of Overloaded & Improperly Loaded Trucks

December 25, 2016 - 00:36
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It is the responsibility of all workers in the trucking industry to make sure that vehicles are properly loaded before trucks are on the road. Two major hazards come from cargos with uneven weight distributions and cargos which exceed maximum weight limits. Both of which are violations can cause truck accidents.

Overloaded Vehicles

Trucks are heavy and difficult to handle and steer. Even when they are not loaded up with additional cargo. Overloading or poorly loading a large commercial vehicle will make it more difficult to control, turning, stopping and accelerating can all be affected.

If a driver is unable to control vehicle properly, they put everyone around them in danger and can cause accidents.

An example, increasing the weight of a vehicle increases the stopping distance. If an overloaded truck is forced to brake, it will take longer for the truck to slow down safely, and it will not be able to stop in time. Overloaded or poorly loaded truck is at a higher risk of jackknifing. A jackknifed vehicle can cause a multi-vehicle truck accident, create a traffic jam for miles and cause fatalities.

Improperly Loaded Vehicles

Improper loading involves putting too much weight in one area of the trailer. If the cargo is not strapped down properly, it will move around in transit. An uneven load may cause the vehicle to have an increase roll risk.

Unsecured items may also fall out the truck or trailer and hurt people.

Poor loading practices will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle including tires and brakes. The drivers and truck owners must pay attention to any problems with the vehicle and maintain them for safety.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accident lawyers are skilled in protecting the rights of those who have been hurt in a trucking accident. A qualified attorney will understand all the legislation surrounding the use and maintenance of trucks, and therefore will be able to help you to claim compensation if you have been injured because of a violation.