Work Related Injuries and Fatalities

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Work Related Injuries and Fatalities

December 25, 2016 - 00:44

Every year there are thousands of workplace related fatalities across the United States of America. Many of these fatalities could have been avoided if the employer had taken adequate steps to protect their workers.

In fact, the same types of accidents happen again and again because employers fail to follow mandatory regulations. Here is some information about the most common types of workplace related fatalities.

Falls & Accident Injuries

Falls are most likely to occur because people do not wear the correct protective equipment at work. Also, because the protective equipment does not meet the required standard, because barriers have not been placed in front of a drop.

It is estimated that around 15% of all workplace fatalities nationwide are as a result of slip, trip or fall accidents. There are thousands of other fall-related accidents every year which do not result in fatalities, but which do severely disable the victim.

Vehicle Accidents

According to US Department of Labor 41% of all work related fatalities in America are vehicle related incidents. Around half of all of these incidents occur whilst out on public roads. The rest of these incidents involve industrial vehicles in commercial spaces.

These accidents are most likely to occur if the driver of the vehicle has not been given adequate training to allow them to control the vehicle safely. Some accidents can happen when workers are able to walk into restricted areas without being aware that vehicles are operating there.

Some roadside incidents also occur when drivers violate working hours restrictions and continue driving on the road even though they are too tired to continue.

Violent Person or Animal Related Deaths

It is estimated that around between 15 and 20% of deaths occur because of a violent person or animal that the worker encounters as part of their job. Although it may be impossible to avoid violent beings altogether, employers must do everything that they can to reduce the risk of workers being affected by violent incidents.

This can include equipping workers with the tools that they need to be able to protect themselves, and taking steps to control violent individuals (such as inmates).

Blunt Force Trauma from Objects or Equipment Fatalaties

Flying or falling objects are one of the most dangerous things at any workplace. Falling objects can travel very quickly and they are likely to do serious damage when they are moving at speed. Employers must take precautions to ensure that objects do not fall. If objects are likely to fall, then workers should be give protection to reduce the risks to them.

For example, all construction site workers have to wear hard hats while they are working on an active construction site.