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Compensation for Trucking Accident and Injury


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Child Pornography Case of the United States of America vs. Mark Albert Rettenmaier

Mark A. Rettenmaier is a surgeon and a physician in Orange County and did not realize that in 2011 when his computer was not able to boot that he would endup loosing his freedom.

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Who can Sue for Wrongful Death in California?

Those who have survived the deceased may attempt to claim compensation for their loss, the loss of companionship, any medical and funeral expenses which they have been left with, and the lost wages of the deceased, if they were a dependent of that

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Accident Dangers of Overloaded & Improperly Loaded Trucks

It is the responsibility of all workers in the trucking industry to make sure that vehicles are properly loaded before trucks are on the road.

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After a Brain Injury Caused by Sports, who Pays the Bills?

Although regulations have been changed to protect people who are likely to be at risk playing sports, there are still thousands of personal injuries a year which can be prevented by proper precautions and safety rules are followed.

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